Blog PostsWelcome to The Island!

 Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Aunt  Arctic. I am a Reporter for The iPenguin Times and I will be making sure to keep you updated on everything iPenguin! My favorite game is Find Four, I'm left-flippered and my favorite sport is Soccer!

If you see me around The Island, come say Hi! I love meeting new Flipper-Friends!


Now let's get started. The Island has been under construction for quite some time and I am glad to be The First to say, The Island Construction is now over! I also would like to welcome new Flipper-Friends on The Island so make sure to greet our new Flippery Friends!

Sadly, The Island is currently under a Storm Warning during The Halloween Party. More information on that will be posted soon so stay tuned and welcome back, everyone!

Best regards, Aunt Arctic.