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iPenguin 2020 - Updates

As many of the Penguins in our community are aware, Flash will be discontinued by the end of 2020. This means that iPenguin will be going down for major updates to keep The Island up and running for our users. This means, we will be switching from Flash to HTML5.

All accounts will still be the same and nothing will change when we switch besides the game will run faster, smoother and be more secure. This will also give us a chance to bring in new and exciting features including a new website interface and UI Interface in-game. This will bring our users a better experience while playing iPenguin.

Website Update

On December 22nd, iPenguin will be going down for website updates. This means that you will not be able to access iPenguin until it is completed. This may take a week or so before it is finished. The Website Update will bring a new experience.

HTML5 and In-game UI

We are already slowly switching to HTML5. The game and the play page will slowly be switching. This will give you a faster experience when loading into the game. You might have already seen our newly updated startscreen. This is the beginning of us transitioning to HTML5 and we hope that we will be switched fully to HTML5 by February of 2021.

What about Flash at The End of 2020?

We are working on getting iPenguin to HTML5 as soon as possible. But since there is only one developer, it may take a month or so before we complete the transition. We are already working on bringing an alternate game experience until HTML5 is up and running which will hopefully be by February of 2021.

Registeration & Login

The Registeration page will be updated in the upcoming days with a new design. It will then go down on December 22 to get ready for a update. New users cannot register during that time so make sure you register before then.

Login will also be going down December 22 for the new website. The game should hopefully be back up on December 23.

The Transition to HTML5

When we are ready to Transition to HTML5, we will let everyone know before the game goes down. iPenguin will then go under major updates and the game will be down for a week. This will give us enough time to test any issues with the game.

We cannot wait to see everyone in the New Year and we cannot wait to grow even bigger in 2021!

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