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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - #1

Hello Penguins!

There have been some questions that everyone has been asking on iPenguin. We've received some Emails from our community on what's to come and what to expect in 2021 and we've decided to answer them to the best we can below.

Q: What will happen to iPenguin in 2021?

iPenguin will still be here in 2021! We are hard at working on a new experience called HTML5 for our users and we hope to keep iPenguin around for years to come!

Q: When will we get Mascot Adventures?

Mascot Adventures will be coming very soon. At the moment, The Holiday Party is on now with Adventures that you can complete. After The Holiday Party ends on December 25th, there will be a new Adventure with Aunt Arcitc that you can complete.

Q: What will 2021 bring?

We are working on a new user experience that will bring a new experience to the game. Since the game will be transforming into HTML5, we can bring new features into the game that Flash could not complete.

This also includes Adventures that will not only work in-game but also the site. We are also working on a Private Messaging feature that will hopefully be released on iPenguin in the up-coming week.

Q: Will there be anymore features released in 2020 before the transition?

Yes. BFF and Marry will hopefully be released in the up-coming few days and Private Messaging will also be released in the next week or so.

If you have any questions that you would like to be answered, you can send an Email to or visit our Discord server.

Until next time,

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