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iPenguin Bugs & Glitches UPDATE #3

For the past few days, The Development Team has been updating and cleaning everything up around the game and website. You may have noticed a few updates including The Register, The Play Page and The Stampbook.

We are working on bringing new updates to iPenguin that'll be a better experience for our users. A more clean, sleek design. We have also been going around squashing many bugs.

The Stampbook - You can now earn stamps! Before, you couldn't earn stamps due to a pesky bug. This bug is now squashed and you can now earn stamps including mascots and staff stamps!

The Register - The register is now redesigned with a new sleek and Child-Friendly design!

UI changes - We are still working on cleaning up the interface so you will get a better user-experience. This includes stamp notifications, Friends List and Puffle UI.

Bugs Squashed:

Coins for Change Stamps - When donating, you can now get the Coins for Change stamps. You will also get the 2020 donating pin!

Hidden Pin - The pin that was hidden on The Island is now fixed. You can now get to the pin! Oops.

Redeem a Book! - Book Redemption is now available! You can now redeem a book if you have the book from the original Club Penguin game!

Igloo Maps - Igloo Maps are now fixed. You can now unlock your Igloo and share with your friends!

Rooms Glitch - When trying to enter a room, previously you had to click constantly to try and enter it. Now, your penguin will automatically go to the door and load you into the room.

If you find anymore bugs on iPenguin, please make sure you report it to our Discord server! Our development team is constantly trying to squash bugs to keep giving you an awesome gaming experience.

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