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i2021: iPenguin v2 Update - Happy Holidays!

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It is officially Christmas Day and I would like to say Happy Holidays from the iPenguin Team! I would also like to officially announce that iPenguin will be going down on December 31st.

As you may have known, Flash which is what engine iPenguin is currently using will be discontinued at the end of the year. This, sadly will make iPenguin and any other Flash game uncompatiable with many browsers and many games will be closing. The good news is, many games are transitioning to HTML5 or Unity. Another Engine that will keep games going.

iPenguin v2 (i2021)

iPenguin will be going offline Janary 1st at 12:00AM EST to start a brand new year. This means, iPenguin will be transitioning to a new Engine and many new updates and surprises will begin. The Development Team has many new features and ideas that we can now do in 2021 and we all cannot wait to bring it to light.

How long will iPenguin be down?

iPenguin is set to be down for at least a week or two. This will give us time to finish everything for iPenguin. However, we can be down longer than two weeks due to iPenguin only having one developer at the moment.

What new exciting features are coming?

iPenguin will be planning many new design updates and UI changes. This will make iPenguin not only work on Desktop but you can play iPenguin on Mobile devices as well. We will also be including these features into i2021:

1. Puffle Tricks & Puffle Digging

2. A New Igloo UI design! Igloo Moderation and Saving your Igloos

3. A New Friends UI design

4. Item Trading System and Transporting to A Friend

There are also many other features that we will be bringing into iPenguin that we want to keep a secret and will be revealing soon!

iPenguin will be going offline January 1st, 2021 at 12:00AM EST and the website and play page will then be unavailable. We wish you all luck in the new year and Happy Holidays!

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