Blog PostsBugs & Glitches FIX - 11/17/2020


The Development Team has been working on fixing many bugs around The Island that everyone has reported. From Design oops to glitches that makes you disconnect from the game, The Development Team is right behind those bugs to fix it so you can get the best experience when playing iPenguin.

Below is a list of bugs and glitches that we have squashed this week.

Igloo Update

Igloo Upgrades - when trying to upgrade your igloo, you'd get disconnected from the game. This glitch is now fixed and you can now finish decorating your igloo!

Igloo Catalogue "Undefined" - When trying to buy some Igloos, you will get a prompt stating if you'd like to buy "Undefined", this is now fixed and you can now buy many igloos with your coins!

White Igloo Inventory - When you purchased an Igloo, some of them showed up white in your inventory. This is now fixed.

Adventures Update

Prompt showing when Adventure is completed is now resolved.

Didn't receive any coins during The First Two Adventures? You'll receive the coins during the last adventure played.

Mascots Update

iPenguin Mascots are currently not waddling around The Island at the moment but some users managed to Register some mascot-name look-a-likes. If you see someone waddling around The Island who isn't a mascot, please report it to a Moderator. Our Team is working on removing these False Accounts.